Personalized Acne Scar Treatment by Dermatologists

Acne is a common skin disorder of all ages and unfortunately, after acne lesions heal, acne scars often appear. Among the types of acne scars, atrophic scars are the most common. This is a consequence of inflammatory acne damaging collagen in the skin’s epidermis and dermis which could not completely restore, thereby forming indentations on the surface.

Acne scars are classified into three types: ice pick scars, rolling scars, and boxcar scars. These types of pitted scars are thought to be related to the severity of acne lesions and whether or not acne is treated on time.

Atrophic scars have a heavy psychological impact and reduce the patients’ confidence. Successful treatment of these scars is a solution to help patients relieve pressure and is also a valuable experience for dermatologists.

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Because acne scars are polymorphic and different types of acne scars can occur in the same patient, scar treatment regimen must be individualized according to the type of scar the patient is experiencing. No single technique is effective for all types of acne scars and therefore many techniques need to be combined in the treatment of acne scars.

At Doctor Acnes Clinic, dentifying the right type of scar that a patient has is a decisive factor in choosing the most optimal combination treatment regimen for each patient. Specifically, the patients need to be diagnosed by Dermatologists to identify if they have single or multiple types of scar, and which type is dominant. Pitted scar treating can be considered a typical example of individualized treatment in medicine since the regimen for pitted scars of each patient with different scar morphology will not be the same.

With modern facilities, medical standards procedures, and a team of experienced Dermatologists, Pharmacists, and Technicians, Doctor Acnes Dermatology Clinic is confident to bring you an effective and safe acne scar treatment course, most suitable for your scar condition and relaxing moments during the treatment time

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Subcission with Cannula

TCA Cross

Laser sieu vi diem

Laser Fractional ECO2

Rf Microneedle

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m.pen [pro] Microneedle



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Stemcell and Exosome Therapy

Mesotherapy trị sẹo

Scar Treatment mesotherapy

Scar Treatment Peel

Direct Consultation with Dermatologist

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