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Caring your body with acne-free and smooth skin

Acne usually occurs on the face but can also appear on the neck, shoulders, back, or chest. Regardless of where they appear, acnes affect the overall aesthetics of the skin and need to be treated.

At Doctor Acnes Dermatology Clinic, our team of Dermatologists will select the most suitable acne treatment for you based on the location of your acne skin, acne condition, and other individual characteristics. Besides, Dermatologists advise on additional supportive therapies to help you maintain acne-free, smooth skin for a long time.

 Come and experience individualized acne treatments just for you at Doctor Acnes Dermatology Clinic.

Dermatology Aesthetic Technologies


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Medical-Standard Comedone Removal

IPL Intense Pulsed Light

Acne Treatment with
Chemical Peels

chiếu ánh sáng sinh học Biolight

Biolight Therapy

Ánh sáng đa tầng 4.0 trị mụn lưng

Photodynamic Therapy

Đắp mặt nạ trị mụn lưng Doctor Acnes

Acne Mask

Trị mụn nội khoa

Internal Medicine

Direct Consultation with Dermatologist

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