Doctor Acnes Clinic is committed to being transparent about which treatment services customers are treated with and the treatment cost of each service. We publicly announce the pricing of all treatment services, medicines, and cosmeceuticals at the Clinic.

100% of customers who come for examination and treatment at Doctor Acnes Medical Clinic will be examined and treated by Dermatologists. All medicines, cosmeceuticals, and cosmetic procedures that Dermatologists indicate for each customer are fully listed in examination sheets and prescriptions.

For students, we also have a preferential pricing policy for all services at the Clinic. Please present your student card before paying for treatments at Doctor Acnes Medical Clinic.

Below is a summary of services and pricing at the Clinic:

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From a thorough understanding of the pathogenesis as well as the principles of treating acne and post-acne skin problems from updated Medical Guidelines, our Dermatologists will examine and recommend the most appropriate and personalized treatment for each person’s skin condition. The acne treatment and post-acne skin recovery courses at Doctor Acnes Clinic are a smooth combination of medical treatment, modern aesthetic techniques, and European/American standard medical devices and cosmeceuticals.

Treatments Price Students
Examination by Dermatologists 100.000 100.000
Medical-standard comedone removal 290.000 260.000
Biolight therapy 100.000 100.000
I.P.L Intense Pulsed Light therapy 600.000 550.000
Photodynamic therapy 1.500.000 1.400.000
Acne treatment with mesotheraphy (by Dermatologists) 700.000 600.000
Topical steroid-damaged skin recovery with mesotheraphy
(by Dermatologists)
1.400.000 1.300.000
Iontophoresis (acne treatment and lightening) 300.000 280.000
Iontophoresis (anti-inflamatory, antioxydant) 300.000 280.000
Topical steroid-damaged skin recovery 1.000.000 900.000
Intensive topical steroid-damaged skin recovery 1.300.000 1.200.000
CosMedical acne mask 100.000 90.000
Peels with Salicylic Acid (10%, 20%, 30%) CE standard 600.000 550.000
Peels with Mandelic Acid (30%, 40%, 50%) CE standard 650.000 570.000
Peels wtih Glycolic Acid (20%, 35%, 50%) CE standard 600.000 550.000

* The cost of medical examination by Dermatologists is only applied for the first time and is totally free for follow-up visits.
* Doctor Acnes Clinic does not accept tips.

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Aiming to bring smooth and bright skin back to customers, Dermatologists and Pharmacists specialized in cosmeceuticals at Doctor Acnes Clinic have designed specialized treatment regimens to help overcome skin defects in various post-acne skin problems. These regimens are based on up-to-date international dermatological guidelines, clinical evidence of efficacy, and safety in the medical literature and are continuously optimized by our medical staff.

BOOK Details
Treatments Price Students
Examination by Dermatologists 100.000 100.000
Basic skincare 350.000 320.000
m.pen [pro] microneedling 800.000 700.000
m.pen [pro] microneedling (by Dermatologists) 1.300.000 1.200.000
Fractional eCO2 laser (FDA standard – by Dermatologists) 1.500.000 1.400.000
Post-acne recovery mesotherapy (by Dermatologists) 1.400.000 1.300.000
Hyaluronic acid-based mesotherapy (by Dermatologists) 2.900.000 2.800.000
Vitamin C iontophoresis (CE standard) 500.000 450.000
Damaged-skin recovery peptide mask (Japanese genuine product) 200.000 150.000
Platelet-rich plasma PRP 900.000 800.000
Mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma PRP
(by Dermatologists)
1.900.000 1.800.000
Swiss apple (Uttwiler Spatlauber) stem cell therapy 1.000.000 900.000
American plant stem cell extracts 900.000 850.000
AZELAN skin brightening peels (azelaic 20%, BHA 20%) CE standard 800.000 700.000
TCA-based peels for hyperpigmentation 1.000.000 1.000.000
Image Skincare Signature facelift peels 1.200.000 1.000.000

* The cost of medical examination by Dermatologists is only applied for the first time and is totally free for follow-up visits.
* Doctor Acnes Clinic does not accept tips.

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Identifying the right type of scar that a patient has is a decisive factor in choosing the most optimal combination treatment regimen for each patient. Specifically, the patients need to be diagnosed by Dermatologists to identify if they have single or multiple types of scar, and which type is dominant. Pitted scar treating can be considered a typical example of individualized treatment in medicine since the regimen for pitted scars of each patient with different scar morphology will not be the same.

Book Details
Treatments Price Student
Examination by Dermatologists 100.000 100.000
Scar treatment with dermarolling (by Dermatologists) 800.000 700.000
Scar treatment wih m.pen [pro] microneedling (by Dermatologists) 1.100.000 1.000.000
Fractional eCO2 laser (FDA standard, by Dermatologists) 1.500.000 1.400.000
TCA Cross (by Dermatologists) 500.000 450.000
EGF Scar treatment with mesotherapy (by Dermatologists) 1.600.000 1.500.000
Subcission for severe acne scar (by Dermatologists) 1.500.000 1.400.000
Subcission for moderate acne scar (by Dermatologists) 1.200.000 1.100.000
Subcission for mild acne scar (by Dermatologists) 1.000.000 900.000
Damaged-skin recovery Peptide mask (Japanese genuine product) 200.000 150.000
Easydew Intensive skin Recovery mask 400.000 400.000
Platelet-rich Plasma PRP 900.000 800.000
Mesotherapy PRP for scar treatment

(by Dermatologists)

1.500.000 1.400.000
French hazel (Corylus) stem cell therapy 900.000 850.000

* The cost of medical examination by Dermatologists is only applied for the first time and is totally free for follow-up visits.
* Doctor Acnes Clinic does not accept tips.

Doctor Acnes Dermatology Clinic offers customers a high-class medical aesthetic service experience at a very reasonable cost

Doctor Acnes Dermatology understands that acne is a very common dermatological problem among students. Statistics show that 85% of people in this age group, who are economically dependent, suffer from acne at different levels. Therefore, having to spend a lot of money on acne treatment and skincare needs a lot of consideration. That’s why we offer a very reasonable price for acne treatment services and have good offers for students.

With a competitive pricing policy, Doctor Acnes Clinic sets itself apart from other centers with similar pricing policies in its modern and high-class facilities, medical-standard treatment courses, and conscientious customer-care staff.

Compare treatment at Doctor Acnes Clinic with dermatology hospitals:

Customers coming to us will not need to wait long to receive the examination by Dermatologists. Each customer will be given enough time to discuss and receive advice from a Dermatologist for their skin condition. Some procedures such as fractional CO2 laser, subcission, TCA cross, microneedling, and mesotherapy will be directly performed by Dermatologists. These are very difficult to get when you go to dermatology hospitals, where there are too many people and doctors often have very little time for each patient.

Compare treatment at Doctor Acnes Clinic with spas or salons:

Unlike spas or beauty salons where there is no Dermatologist practicing medicine regularly, customers who come to our Clinic 100% will be examined by Dermatologists (This examination cost is only 100,000 VND for the first time and completely free of charge for subsequent visits). In contrast, spas or beauty salons do not have Dermatologists, but only people who themselves claim to be beauty experts to advise and treat you. You should also note that cosmetics used at these facilities are often of unknown origin or self-mixed products with high risks of corticosteroid contamination when used.

At Doctor Acnes Dermatology Clinic, the cosmetics used in skincare procedures are genuine products, with transparent ingredients and meet European/American standards. Cosmetics at Doctor Acnes Dermatology Pharmacy have a transparent origin, are sold at listed prices, and are consulted for use by a team of Pharmacists specializing in cosmeceuticals.

Besides, you will always be supported by customer-care staffs during the treatment process at the Clinic.

To better understand the services and get detailed pricing for each specific case, please contact Doctor Acnes Dermatology Clinic – the most trusted Dermatology Clinic specializing in acne and acne scars today in Ho Chi Minh city.

(*) The treatment efficacy may be different depending on the treatment response of each person.

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