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Let teenage acne no longer bother you

Statistics show that 85% of teenagers experience acne due to hormonal changes in the body. During puberty, both boys and girls experience an increase in androgen levels in the blood. This hormone stimulates sebaceous glands to secrete more oil into the pores and thickens the hair follicles, causing blockage. In particular, in the face, back, chest, and neck, where many sebaceous glands are concentrated, the blockage is even worse, forming whiteheads, blackheads, and other forms of inflammatory acne.
The treatment of teenage acne should be started as early as possible to limit the psychological effects as well as minimize the risk of acne scar later. With teenage acne, medical treatment with drugs is very important. At Doctor Acnes Medical Clinic, 100% of customers will be examined by Dermatologists to be prescribed the right medications for their acne condition. At Doctor Acnes Dermatology Pharmacy meeting GPP standards, customers can easily find and buy prescribed medicines as well as receive careful instructions from Pharmacists to use drugs safely and rationally.
In addition to internal medicines, Dermatologists also coordinate more intensive acne treatment including physical and chemical therapies to help speed up the treatment process, bringing acne-free skin with confidence.

Dermatology Aesthetic Technologies

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Medical-Standard Comedone Removal


Acnes treatment with Long-Pulsed Laser

IPL phòng khám Doctor Acnes

IPL Intense Pulsed Light

Ánh sáng đa tầng 4.0

Photodynamic Therapy

Chiếu ánh sáng sinh học Biolight

Biolight Therapy

mesotherapy trị mụn

Acne Treatment with

Phục hồi da nhiễm Corticoid

Topical Steroid - Damaged Skin Recovery

điên di trị mụn Doctor Acnes

Acne Treatment with

Mặt nạ đặc trị mụn

Acne Mask

peel da trị mụn

Acne Treatment with
Chemical Peels

Trị mụn nội khoa

Internal Medicine

Direct Consultation with Dermatologist

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