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Bring smooth, bright, youthful skin instantly with intensive non-inflammatory acne treatment

In terms of prevalence, it can be said that non-inflammatory acne including whiteheads and blackheads is much more common than inflammatory acne. Although they do not cause pain and discomfort like inflammatory acne, non-inflammatory acne is also a concern for many people because they affect the aesthetics of the skin and could easily progress to inflammatory acne, causing hyperpigmentation or scar if not handled appropriately.
Therefore, it is extremely important to treat non-inflammatory acne properly right from the start. At Doctor Acnes Medical Clinic, with the medical standard comedones extraction procedure and sterilization and disinfection process following the regulations of the Ministry of Health, we are confident to be the most reliable specialized acne treatment facility today. Our “Medical standard comedones extraction procedure” ensures two criteria that are safe and does not leave scars or hyperpigmentation.
Non-inflammatory acne treatment is also optimized by cosmetic techniques to help shrink pores, whiten and rejuvenate the skin with European/American standard cosmeceuticals and machinery systems. All these cosmetic techniques are prescribed by Dermatologists and directly performed after skin examination for customers.
Come and experience our intensive acne treatments to quickly get smooth, bright skin.

Dermatology Aesthetic Technologies

Lấy nhân mụn Chuẩn Y khoa

Medical-Standard Comedone Removal


Acnes treatment with Long-Pulsed Laser

IPL phòng khám Doctor Acnes

IPL Intense Pulsed Light

Chiếu ánh sáng sinh học Biolight

Biolight Therapy

mesotherapy trị mụn

Acne Treatment with

Phục hồi da nhiễm Corticoid

Topical Steroid - Damaged Skin Recovery

điên di trị mụn Doctor Acnes

Acne Treatment with

Mặt nạ đặc trị mụn

Acne Mask

peel da trị mụn

Acne Treatment with
Chemical Peels


Trị mụn nội khoa

Internal Medicine

Direct Consultation with Dermatologist

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