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Ms. Hoang Oanh - Journey from acne to successful scar treatment

"Acne and scars are no longer a burden but have become part of my life story with positive change. I sincerely thank Dr. Vu Thuy Binh."
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Ms. Thanh Dung - Beauty is a necessary condition for success

“I have seriously taken care of my skin according to the daily skincare routine as the doctor told me, now my skin no longer has inflammatory acne, hidden acne has also disappeared, only a few small bruises left!”

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Kim Hậu - A student's journey to remove pitted scars

"Hau said that he didn't take care to treat acne skin in the past, pitted scars formed because of the false use of products according to "reviews" and rumors which damaged his skin more."

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Ms. Kiều Liên - Regain my confidence with an "acne free" face

“At that time I had a lot of acnes. Friends who met me all asked: "Wow, what causes your face to have full of acnes? You must do something about that..."


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Ms. Thu Hiền - Successful treatment of Topical steroid - damaged skin

“The skin irritation caused me to be in shock and unable to sleep. I stayed up all night and finally found the Doctor Acnes clinic at 3am…”

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Ms. Ánh Phương - I learned to love myself more through the acnes treatment effort

“I really love the dedication of the team of Doctors, Pharmacists and technicians at the Clinic. Being a student, I get a lot of offers…”

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